Air Quality Services In Brookville, OH


Purify the Air You Breathe Indoors

  • Homes today are better insulated keeping comfort in and unfortunately, fresh air out
  • Off-gassing from carpeting, formaldehyde and biological pollutants can pollute your indoor air
  • Your home air may contain mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites, animal dander
  • Solutions from New Comfort purify air and help respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma

Air Cleaners/Air Purifiers

  • Whole house air cleaning
  • Works along with, or independently of your heating and air conditioning system
  • Breath clean air and lower your home maintenance
  • Remove dust, dirt, pollens, odors, and smoke in the air

Air Exchangers/HRV

  • Transfer polluted air out, bring fresh air in – while reducing heating or cooling loss
  • Connects to current systems via ductwork
  • Improves indoor air quality with reduced energy related trade-offs


  • High efficiency removal of moisture, mold, and mildew odors
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Makes basements livable environments
  • Assists your central air conditioner in removing summer mugginess from your home
Senior man opening air conditioning filter in ceiling—heater in Brookville, OH
Technician adjusting thermostat—heater in Brookville, OH


  • Restores the proper level of humidity to your home
  • Reduces dry skin and hair, helps you breathe easier and feel healthier
  • Makes your home feel cozier and warmer
  • Allows you to turn your thermostat down and remain comfortable
  • Preserves wood products such as furniture, woodwork and musical instruments
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Fully automatic with low maintenance

UV Products

  • Eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses and odors from the air, using an ultraviolet light process