Water Heaters


Traditional, Tankless & Hybrid Water Heater Choices
Traditional, Tankless & Hybrid Water Heater Choices
  • We install, service and maintain gas, electric, oil and propane water heaters
  • Choose from traditional tank-style heaters, on-demand, tankless systems or hybrid heaters
  • We install new units or provide expert service within a few hours, even on weekends
Traditional Water Heaters
  • New models of traditional water heaters operate at up to 96% thermal efficiency
  • Improved venting of fumes for greater safety
  • Built-in auto shut off systems add protection in case of spills of flammable substances near the water heater
  • We can size a water heater to fit the needs of your family
Boiler room in Brookville, OH
Tankless Water Heaters
  • Heats hot water on demand, not continuously
  • Eliminates over 85% of flue gas wasted by standard water heaters, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by at least 420 lbs. per unit per year
  • 98% energy efficiency for lowest annual operating cost and fastest payback (compared to traditional water heaters)
  • Endless supply of hot water
Hybrid Water Heaters
  • Hybrid water heaters are the new milestone in water heating – built for the way people ACTUALLY live and use hot water.
  • The product combines the best features of the tankless (forever hot water, high thermal efficiency, which means the lowest operating cost), and conventional technologies (fast hot water delivery to your point of use) to create a new category of water heating.